Auspient acts as a virtual infrastructure for clients, helping them to enhance their traditional business and meet the operational challenges associated with the deployment of their online initiatives. Auspient offers a unique, comprehensive, and integrated solution that handles the entire life cycle of the online transaction.

Auspient's integrated solutions enable clients to focus on their core business, products, and services instead of making substantial investments in transaction management systems, facilities, and ongoing personnel. Our services enable clients to quickly capitalize on new business opportunities, provide an improved experience for their customers, improve operating efficiencies and cash flows, and access sophisticated technology.

Quickly Capitalize on E-business Market Opportunities. Our services enable our clients to rapidly implement their strategies and take advantage of e-business opportunities without lengthy start-up and integration efforts. Additionally, our services allow our clients to deliver a consistent quality of service as transaction volumes grow, and also to handle daily and seasonal peak periods.

Improve the Customer Experience. We enable our clients to provide their customers with a positive buying experience thereby maintaining and promoting brand loyalty. Through our use of advanced technology, we can respond directly to customer inquiries by e-mail, voice or data communication, and assist them with on-line ordering and product information. We offer a "world class" level of service designed specifically to meet every client's needs.

Minimize Investment and Improve Operating Efficiencies. We provide our clients with access to a wide range of services that cover a broad spectrum of e-business transaction management issues, eliminating the need to expend management time and resources to coordinate these services from different providers. By utilizing our services, our clients can capitalize on our scalable applications and expertise to grow their e-business without incurring the substantial fixed costs necessary to create and maintain their own transaction management infrastructure. Our clients also have the flexibility to purchase any or all of our offered services according to their transaction volume and existing transaction management infrastructure, so that they do not have to invest scarce capital resources as their e-business grows.

Access a Sophisticated Technology Infrastructure. We provide our clients with ready access to a world-class technology infrastructure designed to interface as needed with legacy systems. We enable our clients to access vital product and customer information immediately through their own systems for use in data mining, analyzing sales and marketing trends, monitoring inventory levels, and performing other requisite transaction management functions.

Auspient offers the unique physical and technical elements to support both B2C and B2B operations.