As an industry leader, Auspient takes responsibility for the success and prosperity of our clients. We unlock the potential in organizations to improve performance, invent new resources, and to achieve positive change. At Auspient our "Mark of Quality" starts at the top, and our Management Leadership is a seasoned team of professionals who are experts in their respective fields. Auspient delivers purpose, direction, and motivation to our clients by fostering an environment of trust, cooperation and originality.

Auspient understands that to be successful, "what you do today will shape your tomorrow." We empower businesses to define their vision and to exceed their expectations. Our expertise and passion for innovation provides our clients with a unique set of solutions, whether it is planning Internet strategies, developing websites, or integrating e-business, our professionals can help you.

As a business advisor, Auspient helps converge emerging technologies into proven business models. Our professionals understand the market drivers, business processes, value proposition, and operations common to each of the industries we serve.

Auspient Consulting knows success is both an individual commitment and a team effort. An important factor in our pursuit is combining our solutions with other strategies to create the interdependence necessary to achieve goals.

Our consulting group is lead by our Founder and CEO, Helio (L.U.) Fialho.

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