Without an effective and competitive Internet presence, businesses may lose current and future customers to competitors. Auspient knows the importance of effective solutions and rapid implementations. As technology and global business continue to evolve, organizations face the same challenge: Learning to compete in the digital economy.

The Internet paradigm is rapidly transforming businesses, as enterprises of all sizes join the digital economy.

Companies are using the Internet to:

  • Interact with their customers
  • Enter new markets
  • Increase supply chain efficiencies
  • Create new value propositions
  • Meet the challenges of increased competition and global markets

Many businesses are now viewing the Internet as mission critical to their economic survival.

Companies must overcome significant challenges to succeed in the e-business landscape, such as lack of expertise and personnel, antiquated legacy systems, inability to devote and manage resources on an ongoing basis, system adoption, fragmented organizational structures, and enterprise-wide rollout. Auspient empowers organizations to overcome their challenges while accelerating their business objectives.

Auspient's deployment option is fiscally practical, and is a low-risk means of outsourcing mission critical business processes. We obviate the support, expense and cost of our clients infrastructure by deploying our experienced IT teams to focus on strategic technology issues which could mean the difference between success and failure in the new 21st century virtual marketplace.

Auspient is a Vertical Solutions Provider (VSP). We define ourselves as a "comprehensive enterprise level solution provider that focuses on delivering services, technology, and infrastructure, allowing our clients to focus on their core competencies."

We deliver effectively managed e-business solutions.

Our clients recieve:

  • A development environment that gets them to market fast
  • The power to oversee complete business processes from end to end
  • The flexibility to adapt those processes as conditions change
  • The ability to take control of all their e-business process

In short, clients evolve and compete effectively in the digital economy.


Helio Fialho

Mr. Fialho is a global thinking executive and visionary with a distinguished career that has spanned over 34 years in the retail, wholesale, and manufacturing industries. Mr. Fialho is a hands-on and respected leader whose experience and expertise encompasses high-level management, operations, finance, strategic planning, technology, and e-business. He has held positions in store, district, regional and senior level management with both mass merchants and specialty retailers. Prior to Auspient, Mr. Fialho spent twelve years with Copeland's Sports, the west coast's premier sports retailer, as their COO and CEO where he pioneered Online Sports Retailing with the launch of ShopSports.com in 1996. Mr. Fialho has been a successful entrepreneur and innovator with proven talent for developing business models that integrate strategy, operations, and technology to maximize returns. Mr. Fialho is a frequent guest speaker at industry forums, a guest lecturer at university business schools, named as one of the "Top 25 Executives" in 2000 - Sports Trend Magazine, and named as 2003 "Business Man of the Year" by the National Business Advisory Council. Appointed by the Entrepreneurial Council as a Member of the Executive Round Table in 2005, and currently serves on its Board of Directors.

The Auspient executive team is comprised of dedicated seasoned and experienced professionals.